Collection: Power Racks

Unleash your inner workout beast and add a high-quality Power Rack to your gym set-up.

With unmatched versatility and functionality, these Power Racks are the ultimate way to improve your explosive power, add strength and bulk and target a huge range of muscle groups. All your home workout needs are in one compact machine to save you space and not have to buy individual pieces.

With Fast Delivery Australia Wide, you can start lifting in no time with your new Power Rack!

From serious powerlifters to people who are new to weightlifting, a Power Rack (or Power Cage) is an essential piece of training equipment for any gym set-up once you’ve got yourself Weight Plates and Barbells. These top quality machines give you everything you need in one compact footprint, helping to save you space and money, while allowing you to reach your workout goals.


There are so many different exercises you can do on a Power Rack, making it an incredibly versatile and enjoyable addition to any gym. You can perform barbell squats, rack pulls, bench press, inverted row, barbell shoulder press, chin ups and pull ups, and a number of other popular exercises. All your major muscle groups are covered, meaning you can target and isolate your chest, shoulders, back, arms, quads and calves with a Power Cage.


The clever design of a Power Rack gives you the ability to perform all your favourite exercises even when you workout alone. The vertical posts, safety pins and J-Hooks mean you can push yourself to the limit without the need for a spotter.

You can safely increase your weight and reps and not have to worry about someone catching your barbell. This is one of the best advantages of a Power Rack and why so many people have them as a foundation piece for their gym.


It doesn’t matter how heavy you lift or what your workout goals are, a Power Rack is the perfect investment in your overall health and fitness. You will fall in love with your new equipment from Gym and Fitness and quickly see and feel the amazing full-body results.