Take your lifting game to the next level with the MyRack gym equipment range of racks and accessories. MyRack’s modular power racks offer over 100 possible customisations, so creating your dream setup and smashing your fitness goals has never been easier.

Explore customisable MyRack gym equipment.

These highly-customisable racks come with different accessories to adapt the kit to your training. Start by choosing your preferred MyRack rack, and then tack on your choice of accessories, including:

  • Chin up bars — to develop forearm, bicep and back strength.
  • J-hooks and mono-lifts — to securely rack and re-rack your barbells and extend their lifespan.
  • Safety bars — to safely lift weights without a spotter.
  • Dip handles — to target your triceps, chest, shoulders and back.
  • Lat pulldown attachments — to add lat pulldowns, tricep pushdowns, low rows and overhead cable curls to your workout routine.
  • Weight plate holders — to store your weights on the rack and clear floor space.

MyRack — with you every step of the way.

Since the MyRack range is easily tailored to your workout needs and plans, it makes for a smart investment. From beginners who are just getting started on their fitness journey to dedicated workout enthusiasts looking to progress further, the MyRack range is durable to last you many years to come and versatile to adapt to your changing training goals over time.

For example, beginners can start to push themselves safely without a spotter by using the MyRack safety bars, while intermediate gym-goers will love the MyRack band pegs. These hard-to-find attachments are invaluable for adding a wide range of resistance band exercises to your programme. For the ultimate gym buffs, the mono-lift accessory will help you achieve lifting PBs without the need to walk the bar out from the rack.

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With flexible payment plans and a variety of financing options available, don’t let financial constraints hold you back from getting the strength training equipment you have always wanted. Shop the Gym and Fitness range of MyRack gym equipment today and pay later.

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