Slam Balls

The slam ball is ideal for building muscles through high-intensity throwing exercises. It works for gym-goers with a wide variety of fitness goals.


The slam ball has become one of the newer faces in the free weight market that have made their way into becoming staples of just about every gym. A slam ball can be defined as a weighted, rubber-coated ball that can be utilized in a wide variety of strength training exercises, usually in order to condition and tone one’s muscle tissues.

Albeit taking more than a few pages out of the medicine balls’ book, they have exactly one crucial difference; slam balls, more often than not, tend to sport thicker surfaces, which makes them far more ideal than the med ball in high-impact throwing exercises, while the med ball’s thin rubber coating makes it more prone to breakage, hence not optimal for the aforementioned exercise.

These slam balls are in popular use among athletes all over the world, as they are both surprisingly simple to use in training, and are amazing at helping an athlete build up some muscle mass when needed. While it is dependent on the variety of exercises you choose to perform with it, it is in theory ideal for working out one’s shoulders, triceps, pecs, calves, back, and core muscles, the abs in particular. Whether you are looking to get ripped like those people you would see in Strongman competitions, or are just looking to get a light tone on your muscles for health purposes, this is great at helping you cut down body fat, and developing what remains into strong and rock-solid muscle tissue.



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