Manual Treadmill

Manual treadmills are a traditional, yet still an effective piece of aerobic exercise equipment that simulates the motion of running without needing a large amount of space to run in.

The manual treadmill is an all-star piece of aerobic exercise equipment that allows you to simulate the motion of running in a confined space. While it may seem dated in comparison to other equipment, there are still quite a fair amount of upsides to it.

For one, it is completely muscle powered, which means you get the most of all the motion you create, and exercise your lower body, which makes it a greater likelihood that you will lose a larger amount of calories for every mile you run. You also get to control the speed of the treadmill by putting in more or less effort into your running, as opposed to a motorized treadmill, where you will have to keep up with the machine’s speed lest you risk sliding off and falling over.

Furthermore, manual treadmills are functional with or without electricity, which means you have much more options as to where to keep them around, not needing them to be close to an electrical outlet, which is especially important for large pieces of equipment like these.

As alluded to earlier, manual treadmills are also just much safer than the newer, motorized variants of the treadmill. It stops when you do, and doesn’t force you to wear a safety cord to stop it if you slip and fall, which are all valid concerns when you are using motorized treadmills. This also makes it significantly safer to have around children and pets, as it reduces the risk of them getting caught on the treadmill’s mechanism and injuring themselves.