Rigs & Racks

Take your heavy lifting game up a notch with a top-quality gym rack or rigs. A gym rack will operate as your workout station, where you can stack your plates for easy access. Perform your lifts with adequate, stable support and optimum space. A gym rig, however, is made to be optimised for the size, height and accessories that best fit your required space. Whether you’re setting up a home gym in your garage or need rigs and racks for your new business or school, we have everything you need in one place. 



Discover our range of gym rigs and racks at Gym and Fitness

At Gym and Fitness, we offer a variety of rigs and racks to suit your needs, including:

  • Gym racks— Choose from various gym racks with multiple stations to perform different lifts, from pull-ups to bench presses or squats. Opt for a gym rack with a lateral pull-down feature so you can bulk up for your next upper body session.
  • Gym rigs — Select a rig in the size that best accommodates your space. Suppose you’re a PT looking to train multiple people in one session — in that case, a multiple cell structure will allow you to oversee many of your clients simultaneously to successfully and optimally run your next session.
  • Accessories — Finding the perfect gym rig or rack that best fits your space is one thing, but you’ll also need the right accessories to perform your lifts safely. Choose from our ample selection of J-hooks, weight plate holders, and more.

Buy gym racks and gym rigs in Australia today

Shopping for gym rigs and racks could not be easier at Gym and Fitness. Get the racks and gym rigs Australia loves, and explore our new arrivals today to enjoy our Australia-wide shipping. Our priority is to ensure our equipment remains accessible to everyone — that’s why our financing options provide our valued customers with their equipment sooner and pay later in instalments.

If you live in Adelaide or the Gold Coast, visit our showrooms to discover our versatile range of equipment. If you have any questions, reach out to our team online or call us on 1800 614 491, seven days a week.