Commercial Bicep Curl/Tricep Extension Machine

The Commercial Bicep Curl / Tricep Extension Machine is a piece of high-grade equipment that provides versatile functionality with workouts. We’ve collected here for you the commercial level of the machine which would pass every qualification that every commercial gym needs.

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The arms consist of two muscle groups which are the Biceps and Triceps. Biceps consists of two muscle structures as stated in the name, likewise, the Triceps consists of three muscle structures. These two muscle groups work hand in hand in trimming and sculpting the arms up, even though they are the easiest to develop, one should not overlook them even for a day, because they are the bread and butter of almost all workouts not only for the upper body but also several lower body workouts.

The Biceps include the muscles from the elbow across all the way down to the shoulders. They are located afront of the upper arm, front of the shoulder and ends at the elbow. You could sense the biceps bulk up while flexing your arm. The biceps controls the arm muscles when lifting up weights and flexing your forearm. Strong biceps help in the everyday lives of people, be it simple tasks or heavy lifting.

The Triceps are situated at the back of the arm. They are grouped with the muscles at the back, the lower part of the shoulder and the lower part of the forearm. The triceps functions by supporting the back muscles and working out your shoulders. Well developed triceps are a must in playing basketball, swimming, tennis and volleyball.