Collection: Functional Rack

The functional rack is a piece of gym equipment that takes up minimum space but presents much upside for your gym-goers. Ideal in use for suspension training and bodyweight exercises.

There is a plethora of gym equipment that has been made specifically to meet the all too specific fitness needs of the many different gym-goers. For instance, the bench press, leg press, power rack, and the like all come to mind whenever one thinks of gym exercise machines. However, while it cannot be denied that these exercise apparatus are, without a doubt, incredibly useful and effective, there is also a small number of detrimental factors that make it worth thinking about a second time when looking to buy these very effective machines. The downsides they present are inherent in the nature of these strength building gym equipment. The biggest problem with these is that they are pretty big. They take up an enormous amount of floor space, which can limit the amount of free space your gym-goers are going to have whenever they want to perform some stretchings or lift some free weights. Be that as it may, not all pieces of large gym equipment come with the maximum amount of this downside.

Functional racks provide a plethora of exercise options, all while freeing up a large amount of floor space, simply because they take up so little. They’re great for using suspension training equipment, such as resistance bands, training ropes, hanging heavy bags, and the like. Furthermore, they are stable and optimal options to use when performing exercises dependent on body weight for resistance, such as pull-ups, push-ups, inverted rows, step-ups, dips, and more. It’s very versatile that way.