Pec Deck Machine

The pec deck machine, or machine fly, is a gym equipment that allows the exerciser to focus on developing his or her pectoral muscles in the safest way possible.

The pec deck machine, or machine fly, as it is more commonly known, is a gym apparatus that is made specifically to isolate the chest muscles, or pectoral muscles from which the name “pec deck” is derived, during exercise, thus allowing one to really develop those muscles in particular. It is a great tool to get new gym-goers started on chest exercise, as it provides fewer safety risks in comparison to using free weights in exercises such as the dumbbell fly.

To prepare the pec deck machine for use, assure that you have the appropriate resistance setting on the machine for your strength level. It is unwise to overwork your muscles, as this can lead to excessive muscle strain and injury. You may also move around the seat and pads to your liking. Afterwards, be seated on the seat, and put your back against the pad. Place your forearms on the arm pads, with arms bent in a right angle, and elbows in line with your lower chest. To execute the exercise, simply tighten the chest muscles to bring the pads, and thus your arms, together. Once you have reached the peak of the possible contraction, slowly reverse the movement by loosening up your chest muscles until the arms are once again perpendicular to the body. You have the freedom of choosing how many repetitions, and how many sets you feel would be ideal for your current strength level, fitness goals, and gym experience. The pec deck machine is a safe and efficient tool, so long as you don’t overwork yourself.