Collection: Spin Bike

We’ve put together the latest and greatest Spin Bikes and indoor exercise bikes from the world’s best brands to help you build your very own studio-quality cardio hub at home.

A new Spin Bike is one of the most effective, low-impact ways to build endurance, tone your entire body and get a serious sweat on!

This collection also includes the latest in connected cardio training, giving you an immersive experience via live, on-demand workouts. Discover the newest range Smart Bikes are designed with dedicated cyclists in mind. The interactive training tools allow you to perform elite exercises with the world's top iFit personal trainers.

With Fast Australia Wide Delivery, it’s time to add a tough, commercial-grade Spin Bike to your set-up!

Make your cardio goals a reality.

There’s a space in your home gym just waiting to be filled with a new Spin Bike!

We’ve put together the latest and greatest Spin Bikes from the world’s best brands to help you build your very own studio-quality cardio hub at home.

Are you ready to boost stamina, improve strength and feel amazing? Nothing beats a spin workout - which is why this collection will help you achieve your training goals and stay motivated.

Realistic riding experience.

These studio-quality spin bikes deliver a smooth, consistent riding experience that is just like real road cycling. With easily customisable features, you can personalise your new spin bike to your height and workout in comfort!

Smart Spin Bikes.

Our collection includes the latest Smart Spin Bikes, giving you instant feedback on your workout performance and access to the latest in intelligent fitness apps like iFit when you sync your smart device to the machine.

Explore the real terrain from across the globe with resistance matching technology while testing yourself with different resistance levels, distances and speeds to keep those motivation levels high!

Invest in a healthier you.

Building your very own training space at home has so many advantages. The convenience of a spin bike in your spare room or garage means you can train whenever you want. With no one to bother you, you can pump that music or follow along to your favourite online training.

Delivered straight to your door!

With Fast Australia Wide Delivery, you can enjoy the incredible fitness benefits of a Spin Bike straightaway.

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Low impact cardio training.

A study by Harvard University highlighted the cardiovascular benefits of spin training, saying, “It’s perfect for people who don’t enjoy, or have difficulty doing, higher-impact cardio activities like running. Spinning is a low-impact exercise that places less stress on your joints, which makes it ideal for older adults with knee or hip issues or those recovering from orthopaedic injuries.”