Training Harness

Training Harnesses are designed to safely distribute the weight that would be pulled all throughout your upper extremities. They usually come with a sled or weight balls for your desired resistance level.


Training harnesses are made for rigorous strength-enhancing exercises. Weight loading improves your body’s force, usually used for football training. This equipment not only develops your upper body strength but also your lower extremities namely the calf muscles, hamstrings and glutes. Specifically designed for heavy drags with sleds, also known as extreme weight load pulling. This is a very rigorous and scrupulous workout, so having heavy-duty equipment while performing them is a no-brainer.

Perfect for a total body workout. These harnesses are specially crafted with safety designs like its ultra-wide chest/back/waist velcro straps which gives you not only comfort but also peace of mind while working out, therefore you could unload all force without minding your safety while performing these rigorous training schemes.

Training Harnesses are not only for weight load training. There’s also a variant that makes your medicine balls more versatile. Enabling the regular medicine ball to cater more functional resistance training and anaerobic conditioning exercises. You can now perform rotational swings which develops your upper body muscles amazingly quick. This variant of training harnesses are made with elastic net which keeps your medicine ball tight and secure to provide safety while performing rotational swings.