Commercial Functional Rack

Commercial Functional Rack is a workout station that allows you to execute barbell workout and bodyweight exercise. Normally built from four to six strong metal pillars and convertible horizontal safety bars, functional racks are built to make workouts like squats, bench press and overhead press safer.

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Functional Racks are convenient as you can position in the best place to start your decided workout, this will save a lot of misused effort and also make workout safe. An example is when you do squats, you don’t want to rise up to your tiptoes to unrack the bar, and you also don’t want to do a half-squat of the rack before you begin your rep. The adjustable J-Hooks means you can move the barbell up or down for easy racking and reracking.

Commercial Functional Racks cannot be denied, is a piece of very useful and effective gym equipment, it provides workout options while removing a large area of floor space just because they take up little.

This Equipment can perform all barbell exercises, Squats, Bench Press, Deadlifts, and Pull-ups. There are also add-ons in this equipment where you can store weight plates and sometimes even barbells.

Last is, Commercial Functional Racks are bigger, heavier, and stronger. They can also be used at a home gym and could outperform and outlast most functional rack but it will only differ in the pricing. We offer a wide range of functional racks that you can check and if you are having a problem choosing the correct one, we always have our customer representatives that can help you pick the right rack for your facility.