Collection: Benches

Some of the specialized benches at Gym and Fitness are the Weight Lifting Flat, Incline Decline and Preacher Benches. The Force USA Preacher Curl Bench is an upright curl bench that isolates the biceps. It is extra comfortable with durable cushioned seats and non slip rubber feet. You can adjust the seat arm and bar holder to suit your convenience.

One of the basics in strength training are the benches which are essentially needed for proper posture and support. These are available in different sizes, design, and purpose depending on your exercise. You can see a whole lane of benches on gyms or fitness centres because these are a necessity in strength training.

Common exercises done on benches include bench press, dumbbell extensions and flyes which require stable support on the back. Weight training is 90% correct posture, that’s how important your position is on any exercise. When looking for exercise benches, it is important to check the quality of the upholstery and the stability of the frame.

Our exercise benches are durable enough to handle your extreme workouts. Made from high quality, premium upholstery, you can easily wipe off sweat or chalk. The tough steel construction creates a stable and flat foundation for your back so you can focus your attention on training. It also features easy decline/incline settings for you to get the perfect angle and target the correct muscles on your workout. Exercise benches are perfect for your gym or fitness centre where a lot of clients perform various workouts. The solid construction allows you to do you what you have do as it takes all the pounding and intensity. Crafted for commercial use but compact enough to fit small areas in your home.

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