Meet Sally – The Re-Inventor

As a writer, motivator, health and fitness trainer and wellness coach, Sally knows exactly what it takes to stay motivated and feel good every day. Check out her top tips for finding motivation.

1. Your blog is an inspiration to others, what inspires you to keep fit and share your experiences with your readers?


Remembering what it feels like to be fat and unfit is a big motivation. Through my blog, and my three books, I’ve tried to show people that long-term weight loss success is possible – and it’s not that hard to do.

2. You’ve shown your amazing personal transformation on your blog. Was there a single point at which you decided to make a change in your life, and if so, what was it.

When I was over-weight I was a workaholic. I was a teacher, totally dedicated to my students. I was turned down for a promotion at work and I was devastated. For three days I walked around in a state of shock. Then I thought, “”I shouldn’t be this devastated. It’s only a job … it’s not my whole life! Oh, wait, it is my whole life!”” and so I decided to get a life – and losing weight was how I did it.

3. What was your motivation to keep going with your new lifestyle?

The first step on your weight loss journey is the hardest one you will ever make. Then it just gets easier and easier and easier. As the results come, so does the motivation. If I could bottle how great it feels to be fit and healthy and just give everyone who is unfit and unhealthy a small taste then they would become addicted too. It’s better than cocaine … not that I’ve actually tried cocaine – but just imagine the biggest high you’ve ever had then multiply it by ten and imagine feeling that way all day every day. That’s fitness. That’s health.

4. What’s your #1 fitness or personal inspiration tip?


Do what works best for you and forget all the ‘experts’. The only expert in your own life is you. Only you know what is going to work best for you on a practical, physical and psychological level. The theory of weight loss is easy – but the reality of weight loss is quite quite different.

5. Which of your blog posts do you think everyone should read?

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