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Everything You Need To Know About Pre Workout

Are you tired of feeling sluggish and unmotivated during your workouts? Fear not! The solution to your problem may just be a scoop away. If you’re considering dabbling into a tub of pre-workout for the very first time or you just want to better understand this super-powered supplement, then read on!

What is in Pre-Workout

Let's start with the basics. A pre-workout supplement is something you consume before your workout to give your body an extra boost of energy and help you power through those tough reps. Think of it like a trusty sidekick to your superhero strength sessions.

Now you’re probably thinking, what are in these scoops of pick-me-up powder? It’s important to point out that not all pre-workout supplements are created equal, and you don't want to end up with a fancy candy bar masquerading as a supplement, do you? That's why it's important to carefully read the ingredients list and make sure it's packed with all the good stuff. Some of the key ingredients to look for include creatine, protein, nitric oxide, and caffeine. Creatine and protein work together to build muscle tissue, while nitric oxide enhances endurance and helps burn fat. And, of course, caffeine gives you the boost you need to work out harder and longer. It's like a triple shot espresso for your muscles!

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What to consider when choosing a pre-workout

It's best you consider all the facts before you start chugging down these sups as if they were magical elixirs. Make sure to read the label and check the nutrition information label for instructions on how to consume it safely. It’s also important to look up all of the ingredients to make sure they’re all healthy so you don’t end up stirring up a fancy cup of cordial in disguise. We don't want you to end up with a sugar crash mid-workout! Oh, and don't forget to hydrate! Drinking enough water is essential when consuming any kind of supplement before a workout. So, fill up a bottle of water and start sipping away.

When to take pre-workout

Now, we know what you're thinking. "Is this only for hardcore gym rats?" Absolutely not! Pre-workout supplements can be used by anyone from 18 to middle age who wants to get the most out of their workouts or fitness sessions. Heck, you might even want to take it before a big day walking while shopping or when pulling weeds out of the garden. It's never too late to start using pre-workout no matter where you’re at on your fitness journey. Thankfully, we are stocking some of the best brands in the game with the likes of Ghost, Cellucor, Gat, Inspired and EHP Labs all available on our site. 

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To sum it up, pre-workout supplements are a great way to boost your energy and help you achieve your fitness goals faster. So, go ahead and give them a try - your muscles will thank you for it. And who knows, with all that extra energy, you might just become the next Schwarzenegger in the gym sooner than you think.

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