High Cholesterol Foods That You Need To Avoid For Good Health


Having a balanced cholesterol intake is an important part of maintaining optimal health. Cholesterol can be found in certain foods and if you are predisposed to having high cholesterol it is important to watch and moderate how much high cholesterol food is in your diet in order to avoid high cholesterol rating. Certain foods that contain high cholesterol include eggs, fatty meats, high-fat dairy products like whole milk, cheeses and butter, and other high-fat foods namely, desserts including cakes, cookies, pastries and all fried foods. If you have high-cholesterol, cutting these foods out of the diet can help you to start getting a handle on lowering your cholesterol count.

The replacement of these high cholesterol foods can include foods like oatmeal and whole grains, nuts, omega 3 rich seafood, egg whites instead of egg yolks, and high-fibre foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains. While lowering cholesterol, it is important to try and get optimal nutrition and supplements which helps you maintain optimal health. Nutritional vitamin supplements can help you replace lost calcium if you cut out dairy from your diet. There are also some great health supplements like protein powder that can aid in getting adequate protein and reduce cholesterol count. It is easy to make healthy drinks for lower cholesterol with fruits, ice and protein powder in the blender. There are also fat burning products that can be added into these health drinks to make it an extra effective way to lower the cholesterol with a snack.

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