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Sweet Potato Health Benefits

Most people have heard the saying “eat your vegetables” but many still continue to avoid them like the plague. A big proportion of vegetable-haters shy away from their greens because they don’t taste good. Unfortunately, that excuse may no longer be valid since sweet potatoes are neither green nor foul-tasting. Sweet potatoes, also called yams, are extremely tasty root vegetables that contain tons of beneficial nutrients. There are so many good reasons to incorporate sweet potatoes into a regular diet aside from how great they taste.

With sweet potatoes, health supplements will no longer be needed to obtain many necessary vitamins and minerals. The following benefits can be reaped from regular consumption of these superfoods:

  • Large amounts of Vitamin B are found in sweet potatoes. Vitamin B decreases the levels of homocysteine in the human body, thus, lowering the risk for organ degeneration. Vitamin B may lower the chances for myocardial infarction.
  • Vitamin C is responsible for boosting the power of the immune system and aiding with bone strength and digestion. Research has shown that Vitamin C may help the body recover from injuries at a faster rate. It might even have anti-cancer properties.
  • Sweet potatoes contain a good amount of Vitamin D, a necessity for immune strength, energy, and strong bones and organs. Hitting the gym and fitness will be no problem when you fuel your body with sweet potatoes.
  • High traces of iron are present in sweet potatoes. Iron is essential for proper metabolism, energy, blood cell production, and overall health and fitness.
  • There are significant levels of beta carotene in sweet potatoes. Carotenoids protect the body from illness, help to maintain good eyesight, and serve as antioxidants that combat cancer.
  • Unlike with table sugar, the natural sugars in yams do not cause spikes in the blood glucose level. Instead of slowing down the metabolism rate and inducing weight gain, they can contribute to fat loss.

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