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Why You Should Try Paleo Diet

First off, Paleo is pronounced as pā-lēō, not as pah-lay-o. It’s a common mistake for–well, what do you know?–people who haven’t tried it!

Wish to shed those extra pounds and running on a treadmill just isn’t enough? Trust me, there are heaps of diets in the fitness industry that are just waiting for you to try to chisel those fats away!

I’m pretty sure that–and I’m writing this without any doubt–searching for the right diet lead you here.

Some of the popular diets that you may have also tried before are Atkins Diet, Vegetarian Diet, Vegan Diet, or Raw Food Diet–did they work? I’m sure it works for some. But if you just can’t get enough of the scrumptious red meat, vegan and vegetarian diets might not be for you. Would you really want to eat your food… bleeding? Ehem, Raw Food Diet. I’m sure you’ll love foods that are high in protein and fat, but low in carbohydrates–this gives you the Atkins Diet. But bear in mind that Atkins Diet has unwanted side effects like lethargy, dizziness, insomnia, constipation, bad breath, and even constipation due to lack of fibre… you don’t want that, do you?

What about Paleo?

What is Paleo Diet?

Paleo derived from paleolithic–meaning ancient. Not that you are to eat old, rotting meals, but instead, basing the diet on types of foods that have been consumed by the early humans during the stone age. Wonder why early people live longer compared to today’s mortality rate? We can all presume that it’s because of their diet! Actually, some even claim that Paleo is not a diet; it’s a lifestyle. Paleo diet consists mainly of fish, nuts, seeds, lean proteins, seafood, poultry, fruit, and vegetables. And if you’d notice, Paleo diet evicts the processed food, and grain and dairy products off the menu.

Not an issue for you?


And so, I have proudly and boldly enlisted the reasons why you should, and you must try pah-lay-o… ugh! I mean pā-lēō diet! So, let’s get started!

#1: Fruit and Vegetable dishes at its best!

Fruits and vegetables also deserve some limelight! There are tons of Paleo recipes that you could play around and try with these two Paleo buddies. We all know that fruits and veggies are the food pyramid’s dynamic duo. Not only do they contain simple sugars, but also micronutrients. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, with these two, the risk of degenerative diseases like diabetes, obesity, and heart disease could be reduced.

#2: Lean Protein; Lean Muscle!

What better way to get that lean muscle we’ve all been wanting? By consuming lean protein! Good thing Paleo diet encourages eating of lean meat! Not only that, but it also makes your bones healthy, and enhances your immune system.

A simple hack for beef or pork:

“Round” and “loin” cuts of meat are the way to go. To reduce fat content, avoid frying the meat. Also, those visible fats must be trimmed.

#3: Improved Energy


We can also bid goodbye to unhealthy fatty foods because Paleo has its own way of getting fats–and this time, the healthy one! With Paleo, fats will be your best bud. After all, our bodies are designed to burn fat for energy. Paleo’s source of fats is nut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, and coconut oil. These sources will boost your energy in no time.

#4: Goodbye, Processed Foods

Processed foods are highly discouraged on this diet! Needless to say, processed foods are unhealthy. Even so, they are part of the modern diet. Perhaps because they’re tasty and easy to prepare. But more often than not, they offer no nutritional value. They only jack up your tummies with calories, carbs, and processed grains.

#5: Safe for Kids

Although the Paleo diet strictly prohibits foods that people tend to overindulge in such as eating chocolates or anything laced with sugars. Even so, kids and adults can enjoy the pleasure of being in a paleo diet. Rich in minerals and vitamins, why wouldn’t this be a healthy living? At least you could protect those little teeth of your kids from cavities!

Paleo diet requires strong dedication. It’s hard to wean away from foods that get you all mouth-watered even just by the looks of it. But it comes with great rewards, so why not give it a try? Live your life the Paleo way!

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