High School Gym Fit Out

High School Gym Fit Out at Monaro School featuring a diverse range of cardio machines and free weights in a spacious, well-lit area.
High School Gym Fit Out at Monaro School featuring a functional training space with kettlebells, medicine balls, and plyometric boxes.
High School Gym Fit Out at Monaro School showcasing a variety of strength training machines and power racks for student athletes.
igh School Gym Fit Out featuring air bikes for high-intensity cardio workouts, strategically placed in the fitness zone.
High School Gym Fit Out featuring durable commercial rubber flooring, providing a safe and shock-absorbent surface for all types of workouts.
High School Gym Fit Out with a neatly organized rack of kettlebells, catering to a variety of strength and conditioning routines.
High School Gym Fit Out showcasing a range of strength machines for targeted muscle training in a safe and supervised environment.
High School Gym Fit Out including a stack of plyo boxes, perfect for plyometric and agility exercises.
High School Gym Fit Out equipped with a manual curved treadmill, offering a unique and challenging cardiovascular workout experience.


At Monaro High, a comprehensive rural school with over 450 students, fitness is more than just a program – it's a pathway to wellbeing. Before partnering with Gym and Fitness, the school's fitness regime primarily revolved around bodyweight exercises and simple circuit work. However, a vision for an enhanced fitness experience led to a significant upgrade, spearheaded by a forward-thinking principal with a physical and health education background.

The goal was clear: create a facility that caters not just to the student's physical health but also to their wellbeing. This vision took shape through thoughtful discussions with the school's faculty, who recognised the need for a setup that would sustain the interest and meet the diverse needs of the students. Gym and Fitness stood out in this transformative journey, not just for competitive pricing, but for our comprehensive approach – from understanding the school's unique needs to providing a full-fledged solution that went beyond just equipment.

Our involvement included regular consultations, ensuring that every piece of equipment we proposed perfectly aligned with the school's vision. The final fit-out, a harmonious blend of practicality and inspiration, now serves as an integral part of the school's fitness curriculum from Year 9 to senior classes. Beyond the curriculum, the facility has sparked a genuine interest among students and staff, who are keen to use it during breaks and after hours. This enthusiasm is a testament to the successful integration of the new fitness centre into the school's culture.

The transformation at Monaro High School exemplifies Gym and Fitness's commitment to understanding and fulfilling our clients' specific needs. Our process, marked by effective communication, attention to detail, and a customer-centric approach, ensured a smooth and satisfactory implementation. The positive feedback from the school, particularly the ease of working with our team and the effectiveness of our 3D design in visualising the space, underscores our dedication to delivering quality service and solutions.

At Gym and Fitness, we take pride in not just equipping spaces but in empowering communities. Our collaboration with Monaro High School is a shining example of how we go beyond mere transactions to create environments that foster health, fitness, and wellbeing for all.