Collection: Fan Bike

The fan bike is a great alternative to the more common aerobic exercise machines, especially if you’re looking to work your upper body. It is useful for newbies and experienced gym-goers alike.

The fan bike is a new and exciting way to exercise, be it at home or the gym. They are easy to fit around the house, is designed specifically to be compact, useful for beginners and experienced exercisers alike, don’t need electricity unlike some other aerobic gym equipment variants, made to be extremely durable, and just provide great bang for your buck overall. They have also been found to be a great tool in rehabilitation exercises after a serious accident or injury, as the way these bikes are designed to allow for easy scaling between the levels of strain they put on your legs. They may seem all too similar to the regular stationary bike, but there are quite a lot of differences indeed.

They are low-impact, which helps when you are doing HIIT sessions. They make sure your whole body is also engaged in the exercises, maximizing the gains you can get into it. They also offer an infinite amount of intensity for experienced exercisers, as the fans gain greater air resistance the harder you pedal. They are ideal for HIIT exercise sessions as well if you are in need of a way to do one. They can be easily customized to fit the comfort needs of each and every user by buying the right cushions. You can also use the fan bike to target the upper body in particular. It also assures that none of your energy is being wasted on motions that will not lead to the loss of fat and the development of the muscles.