Peg Board

The pegboard is an implement originally designed for climbers but is now used in gyms as a way to balance out strength training by working out the smaller muscles that don’t often get much attention from gym-goers.

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As it is with most other things, balance is a very important part of any exercise regimen and a lack thereof could prove to be detrimental. Be that as it may, most gym-goers tend to focus on any of a large variety of exercises and apparatus that improve one’s muscle strength and endurance. While these are all exercises that are beneficial on their own, tunnelling too hard into improving these could possibly leave other muscles in the body stunted in terms of growth and could limit your physical capabilities and improvement unless they get to catch up to the rest of the body’s developments. Luckily, there are many good apparatus to use in order to facilitate this type of balancing exercise.

One such apparatus is the climbing pegboard. While it was originally designed for training climbers of various forms, it is now used as a staple implement in developing stability and for stimulating muscles that don’t often get given the time of day in traditional strength exercises that involve apparatus such as the bench press or the dumbbells. The pegboard facilitates a form of exercise that forces the gym-goer to exert the smaller muscles in their body in order to pull themselves up the board. It builds up both muscle power and endurance, as it takes power to push yourself up enough to make your ascent, as well as endurance to keep your grip strong against the pull of gravity. It is great at what it does and should be a staple of any exercise regimen.