High School Gym Fit Out

High School Gym Fit Out featuring modern cardiovascular machines and free weights in a spacious, well-lit room
High School Gym Fit Out including a variety of strength training equipment, such as bench presses, bikes and squat racks
High School Gym Fit Out with a functional training zone, including medicine balls, kettlebells, and plyometric boxes.
High School Gym Fit Out featuring an Olympic weightlifting area with platforms, bumper plates, and weightlifting bars.
High School Gym Fit Out including a durable commercial push sled for strength and conditioning, situated in a versatile training area
High School Gym Fit Out with an extensive selection of free weights, including dumbbells and kettlebells, organized in a dedicated zone.
High School Gym Fit Out equipped with a professional-grade power rack, essential for advanced strength training and lifting exercises.
High School Gym Fit Out featuring adjustable weightlifting benches, versatile for a range of exercises from bench press to dumbbell workouts.
High School Gym Fit Out including an open trap bar for versatile weightlifting exercises, enhancing both safety and ergonomics for students


At Brigidine College St Ives, the vision for a rejuvenated Strength and Conditioning Center was not just about fitness; it was about fostering the overall well-being of their young female athletes. Recognising the need to rejuvenate their Strength and Conditioning Center, the college sought out Gym and Fitness to help realise this ambitious project. Their goal? To create a space that enhances physical training and boosts these young athletes' confidence and spirit.

At Gym and Fitness, we understood that the updated facility needed to be more than just a gym – it had to be a haven for nurturing athletic talents and a cornerstone for lifelong health habits. Therefore, we meticulously selected equipment that resonates with our ethos of empowerment and quality. We meticulously selected and supplied a range of premium equipment, including the acclaimed Force USA® Commercial GHR/GHD and versatile Force USA® Pro Power Rack.

Recognising the importance of a holistic approach to fitness, we also included equipment that encourages functional training and flexibility, such as the Force USA Foam Plyo Box and Vortex Spin Bikes. Plus, the inclusion of Force USA® Bumper Plates, complemented by an assortment of Barbells, ensures that every aspect of strength and conditioning is covered. Our commitment was not just to equip a gym but to craft an environment where each student athlete could thrive, prepare for their sports activities, and embrace a healthier lifestyle.