Collection: Strength Equipment

We've gathered the best strength equipment brands to form the ultimate product line up that will have you build strength and achieve those fitness goals in no time!

With our experience and expertise in the fitness industry, you can rest assured to get nothing but only the best you deserve which is top notch quality and excellent-grade service. While there are many gym equipment retailers out there in the market today, Gym and Fitness boasts to have the biggest and trusted brands included in the line up wherein all of which you can purchase for a fraction of the price our competitors are offering. We also have flexible finance options available so don't you worry about not affording the equipment you like. Our finance options will have you covered so just focus on getting bigger and stronger.

Our line up includes different kinds of machines and equipment that targets specific muscle groups of the body. It also includes various items for hardcore powerlifters and even for those who are just starting out on their training. Abdominal Machines, Power Racks, Barbells, Weight Plates and Multi Gyms are just some of the interesting finds you'll come across in this category. You'll also be able to find your favorite brands and read product reviews from our previous customers to help you decide which one best suit you and your budget as well. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down below and browse through our line up. We're pretty sure you'll find what you're looking for and we're very sure you won't be disappointed taking it home with you. Transform and evolve to a bigger, stronger and sexier new you with a newly purchased strength equipment!

Need help choosing the right equipment for you? Choosing the best equipment can be quite a headache sometimes. The best thing you need to do is understand what they are, what they are specifically for and how they are used properly. From there, you'll be able to figure out for yourself which one fits in perfectly with your fitness goals. Lucky for you, here, at Gym And Fitness, we make it a point that our customers get the very most out of there spending. So, read away and find out which strength equipment you think best suit you will best suit you.

Abdominal Machines from the name itself targets your core or more commonly known as your abs. These machines lessen the risk of you having lower back pains from your crunches since they offer a high degree of protection for your lower back. Back Machines helps you improve your overall strength and flexibility by stretching out the muscle groups you have on your back. Most of exercise you do on these machine requires you to pull so as an added benefit they also help bulk up your biceps. Chin ups work your back and biceps as well. Their only difference is that when doing chin ups you carry your own weight as the load. Dip Stations are mainly used for your triceps but if you tilt into a certain angle you'll find that it can be used to target your chest area as well.

Weight Benches are the most common equipment you can find at the gym. They are used in just about any workout. You can do crunches, seated exercises and support your back while lifting or just by adjusting them into a certain degree you'll be able heighten your exercises. With a Cable Crossover you'll be able to do most of your upper body exercises while Home Gyms and Multi gyms provide you a complete body workout.

Lat Pull Downs are similar to the chin up at pull up bars, but instead of your weight being the load, they use weight plates and weight stacks. Leg Machines targets your calves, thighs and shins. Barbells and Dumbbells are often used for upper-body exercises but unbeknownst to many they can also help target lower-body muscle groups by using them in your squats and lunges. Speaking of squats, Power Racks and Smith Machines are mainly used for squats. Their only difference is that Smith Machines allow you to lift barbells without a spotter since the machine itself assists you while you're lifting.

Probably, the best advantage strength equipment can provide is the option to target specific body parts of the body. You can focus on a specific group of muscles at a time, toning and sculpting that area up to your desire. Compared to cardio equipment, strength equipment are used to achieve a toned and leaner body and are not your best option for weight loss. More commonly, these two are integrated wherein you condition and warm-up your body with cardio equipment, and tone your muscles with strength equipment. Indeed, most strength equipment can cost you some money, but these are great investment which you can benefit for years to come. Here at GAF, you’ll get the most out of your money, that’s why every product is built to perfection and the prices are reasonable. Achieve your dream body. With hard work and reliable fitness equipment, you’ll get there in no time. Get fit the GAF way.