Functional Training Equipment

There's nothing better than that endorphin rush after a good, hard workout. But exercising without any equipment can only take you so far — incorporate functional training equipment into your exercise regime to take your fitness to the next level. Browse our collection today to reap the many benefits of functional training for yourself.


Functional training equipment for real-life fitness.
Popular for its clear benefits in everyday life, cross-training, or functional training, integrates various exercises, movements and elements to strengthen your whole body. The actions you do during functional training are similar to those you’d come across in everyday life. For example, is lifting a kettlebell all that different from picking up a toddler or a heavy parcel? And is a farmer’s carry any different from lugging around grocery bags?

The benefits of using functional training equipment to exercise.
Cross-training has a complex and varied range of movements and exercises. While you can make do without any functional training equipment for a while, you’ll need to invest in proper gear if you are serious about improving your fitness level. Use rowers and exercise bikes to warm up, condition your body as well as for building your stamina and endurance. Vital for increasing strength and precision, free weights are essential functional training gear. Invest in rings, trampolines and other gymnastic equipment to develop your balance, flexibility, range of motion and strength. By equipping yourself with the right gear, you can tailor your functional training workout to your exact goals and specifications, maximising fitness benefits and health returns.

Choose the right functional training equipment.
If you are looking to start your own cross-training gym or want to reach the next level of fitness at home, you’re in the right place. All of our functional training equipment is handpicked for its quality and durability — they’ll withstand lifting and throwing for years to come. Browse our range online today and enjoy nationwide shipping right to your doorstep.

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