Collection: Cardio Equipment

Get ready for a sweat-dripping, heart-pumping workout that will boost your cardio, strengthen and tone your entire body and improve your overall health!

Cardio doesn’t have to be boring or repetitive, and these cardio machines prove it! Our huge collection of treadmills, spin bikes, rowers, ski trainers, elliptical trainers will get you moving, keep you motivated and have you smashing all your cardio and fitness goals in no time. Remember, we're here to help answer all your cardio equipment questions so get in touch!

Nothing beats the enjoyment or fitness benefits of a high-quality cardio trainer for your home, studio or commercial gym. These pieces are perfect for busy lifestyles so you can burn calories and get your sweat on with a quick 30-minute workout any time of the day!


A new cardio trainer can be a foundation piece for a new gym, allowing you to kickstart your fitness campaign while adding equipment like Kettlebells, Leg Machines, or Strength Benches. With so much versatility, you’ll love what a cardio trainer can do!


One of the major benefits of cardio trainers is reducing the impact on your joints during a workout. A spin bike, elliptical trainer or rowing machine will give you an all-over body workout without placing pressure on your hips, knees or ankles. This can be especially important for anyone recovering from an injury or just looking for variety in their workout regime.

A treadmill is ideal for both runners and walkers alike, allowing you to set your own pace and minimise the impact you get from typical workouts on concrete. Many professional athletes use a treadmill to switch up their outdoor sessions, allowing them to maintain fitness if the weather is bad or they want to target their core.


Why not invest in yourself and help create a happier, healthier you? Not only will you feel great and reach your fitness goals sooner, but you can train safely in the convenience of your own training space. That means no more commuting to your local gym and having to face a busy workout area!

Gym and Fitness have put together the largest collection of top-quality cardio trainers on the market, so take advantage of these high-quality pieces and invest in your long term fitness goals.