Our Personal Trainer Of The Day, James Killen Talks About His Passion And His Plans This 2015

Our Personal Trainer of the Day, James Killen, owner of Incentive Personal Training (http://www.personal-training.com.au/) loves the idea of fitness and sharing his knowledge about it, he also has a soft spot for Oreos! Read his full interview below:

Tell us your story, who are you and how did you start in the health and fitness industry?

My name is James Killen, I’ve owned and operated Incentive Personal Training since 2001. I have always enjoyed teaching and educating people, along with keeping fit so personal training was the perfect merger of both for me.

What were some of the biggest mistakes you made when starting out in this industry?

In my opinion, the biggest mistake most trainers starting their own studio is spending too much money before they even have their first client. The second is trying to target a niche too early, for example specialising in elite athletes etc. I think its important to just be busy and bringing income, then it gives you the buffer to specialise later.

What is the most absurd excuse you heard from a client and how did you respond to it?

The best ever was on a relatively warm summer day “I cant train today because it’s too hot” I responded with ” We have fans and air conditioning” She then said “I know but it means I will have to shower after the session and it’s too hot for a shower and I don’t do cold showers”

I was speechless

What makes your gym/fitness center different from others?

We focus on making group training affordable and effective for all. We do plenty of private sessions but our strength is being able to give each client within the group their own “personal” session with a strong emphasis on measurable strength and conditioning as opposed to generic circuits.

What is your greatest guilty pleasure when it comes to food?


What are some of your tips these coming holidays?

Enjoy your Christmas and New Year, go nuts and then refocus on your goals, training and nutrition in 2015

What are your goals or plans this coming 2015?

We are investing in more top end equipment to give more variety and results to our clients. Our goal is better results for our clients and of course more new faces are always welcome.

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