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We caught up with another one of our inspirational fitness bloggers to find out what makes her tick and get a couple of quick tips for how you can find motivation and also a couple of tasty recipes. Check out her answers to our questions below.


1. Your blog is an inspiration to others, what inspires you to keep fit and share your experiences with your readers?



To be honest, I started this whole fitness journey when I became motivated and inspired by other people’s stories and experiences of vibrant health and my blog is just a continuation of that cycle. If I can help even just one person look at their own health in a new and exciting way – that’s worth it completely and THAT’S what inspires me to share my thoughts, recipes and ideas. Plus, there’s just so much to always discover with health and food! Every time I visit a farmer’s market I get drawn to various ingredients and I love experimenting with combinations of nutrients, flavours and textures! I like to have fun in my kitchen and I think it’s contagious!


2. You’ve shown your amazing personal transformation on your blog. Was there a single point at which you decided to make a change in your life, and if so, what was it.


I decided to make a change when I looked in the mirror and I knew the person that was starring back at me wasn’t who I was meant to be. Getting the guts and the motivation to get up, go out and actually make the changes was a whole other issue – I failed many times with diet, exercise and mindset over the course of many years, but no matter what, I was committed to always try.


3. Where should other people start if they want to achieve the same as you?


Well I’m not going to say you should follow this diet or that diet, or that you have to spend ‘X’ number of hours a week working your buns off – but I am going to say, you have to start where you are now and get real with yourself. Start paying attention to the foods you eat and how they make you feel. Write down what you eat for a few weeks, start to notice the trends and just observe. Think about it. Did you feel happy that day? Sad? Frustrated? Tired? How much water do you drink? Do you know your body well enough to know when you’re hungry and when you’re bored? Start educating yourself – pick up a nutrition book or watch a food documentary. Follow the people that inspire you and see what they do and how they approach life. You’re probably going to have to make some changes and it’s probably going to hurt. But nothing worth having ever came without a fight and dammit – I think we’re all worth fighting for!


4. What’s your #1 fitness or personal inspiration tip?


‘Be the change you wish to see’ – in everything you do.


5. Which of your blog posts do you think everyone should read?


Conscious Eating
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Tangerine Sunrise Juice
Green Lemon-Aid Juice.



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