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Commercial Gym Fit Out Reclaim Fitness
Commercial Gym Fit Out Reclaim Fitness
Commercial Gym Fit Out Reclaim Fitness
Commercial Gym Fit Out Assault AirBike
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In the beautiful landscapes of Kaikohe, New Zealand, Reclaim Fitness prepared for a pivotal evolution. Rooted in the principles of Te Whare Tapa Whā, combining the essences of Tinana, Wairua, Whānau, and Hinengaro, this isn't just any gym. It's a whare, a space where locals come to reclaim their zest for life. With their eyes set on expanding, Reclaim Fitness faced a weighty question: How to maintain their unique identity while stepping up their game in their new location?
Enter Gym and Fitness, the trusted name in commercial gym fit-outs. In tune with the spirit of Reclaim Fitness, we meticulously handpicked a selection of equipment to match their vision. This included the powerhouse Force USA Commercial GHR/GHD, the innovative AssaultFitness AssaultRunner Pro, and a range of high-end commercial grade equipment. Let's not forget the essentials, Force USA Rubber Hex Dumbbells and the multipurpose Commercial FID Bench, ensuring that every gym-goer, can reclaim their fitness goals. This thoughtful fit-out was designed not just to ease their transition but to accentuate the true meaning of what Reclaim Fitness offers.
For the Gym and Fitness crew, it's been a sheer joy to be part of Reclaim Fitness's transformative journey. As we look back, we're reminded of the magic that ensues when passion meets precision. When you're ready for your fitness transformation, remember,we've got your back every step, squat, and sprint of the way!