Collection: Seated Row Machines

The seated row machine is a piece of gym equipment that allows you to develop good posture as you work your core and back muscles.

The seated row machine is one of the best machines that focus on improving one’s overall body posture. Aside from these, however, it is also ideal for getting your fix of core body workouts. It achieves this revolutionary effect by attaching a cable that is usually loaded with weights to a V bar handle. This makes it so that you will have to keep yourself upright at every exercise to get the most out of the machine, with the V bar being the ideal shape to keep your body at equilibrium.

The exercise motions involved in performing seated cable rows are rather simple. First, simply be seated in an upright position on the seated row machine’s bench. Ensure that you are facing the low pulley row machine with the V-bar attached to the cable mechanism. Then, keep your feet placed on the front platform, with knees slightly in a bent position but not locked into place. Keeping your back in alignment, hold on to the V bar, keep your arms fully extended in front of you, and pull back with the torso until you reach such a position in which it is at a right angle with your legs. Pull the handles of the V bar toward the back, and exhale, keeping your arms with your body. Keep pulling until the thumbs touch the abs. Squeeze your back muscles as you do this. Hold the pose, release, and repeat. It is just that simple; follow these steps, and you’re on your way to reaching a healthy posture and core.