Physiotherapy Gym Fit Out

Physiotherapy Gym Fit Out - A view of the physiotherapy clinic's layout, showcasing a variety of workout options.
Physiotherapy Gym Fit Out - Customisable My Rack for versatile exercises and Functional Trainer for a wide range of physiotherapy workouts.
Physiotherapy Gym Fit Out. A Pilates reformer, an essential piece of equipment for rehabilitative exercises and core strengthening.
Physiotherapy Gym Fit Out. The comprehensive setup of a physiotherapy clinic, including strength and cardio equipment.
Physiotherapy Gym Fit Out. A well-organized physiotherapy facility with various exercise machines.
Physiotherapy Gym Fit Out Upright bike for cardiovascular conditioning
Versatile FID bench designed for physiotherapy exercises.
Physiotherapy Gym Fit Out. An inviting physiotherapy space filled with exercise and rehabilitation equipment.
Physiotherapy Gym Fit Out. An inclusive look at the clinical atmosphere, highlighting exercise gear for rehabilitation.


When it comes to setting up a physiotherapy clinic, having the right equipment is paramount. At Gym and Fitness, we understand the unique needs of physiotherapy practices, and we were thrilled to collaborate with Out of the Box Burleigh to create a tailored fit-out that met their specific requirements.

Out of the Box Burleigh had a clear goal: they wanted a fit-out that offered clear, customisable options for their clinic. Our dedicated sales team stepped in to make this vision a reality. We believe that informed choices lead to better patient care, so we provided a comprehensive range of product options, all clearly detailed with benefits and considerations. This empowered the clinic to make decisions that seamlessly aligned with their patients' needs.

Our commitment to quality and diversity in equipment allowed Out of the Box Burleigh to create a space that caters to a wide range of patient needs. We understand that every patient is unique, and having the right tools at your disposal is essential for effective rehabilitation.

At Gym and Fitness, we take pride in being part of a broader fitness and wellness community. We're here to support healthcare professionals like Out of the Box Burleigh in their mission to improve lives through physiotherapy. When you choose Gym and Fitness, you're not just getting equipment; you're getting a partner dedicated to your success.