Collection: PTP Attachments

Resistance bands can be quite dangerous to use if you’re anchoring them to the wrong places. With the resistance band anchor attachments, you can minimize the possibility of injury from the recoil the resistance band presents.

Contrary to what some might have you believe, resistance bands are far from what you would call a toy; they are technically some of the world’s most powerful slingshots, and messing around with them could cause serious injury to you or anyone close by. With that being said, they are often used for exercise because of their property to resist change in motion. Most people try to wrap these around metal posts or other surfaces to pull on them to perform their repetition exercises. However, this can be dangerous, as the reactive force that the band exerts on the surface it’s wrapped around runs the risk of recoiling once you let it go too fast without relaxing the resistance band. It could also warp, or altogether break what you wrapped it around.

This being the case, it is much more important than most think it to be to get the proper tools and accessories that are made specifically to anchor these resistance bands to a place that will maintain the safety of the exerciser, the people close by, and nearby breakable objects and structures. One such example of these attachments is the door anchor. To make use of this resistance band attachment, simply open a door, place it in between the door hinges, and close the door. It is ideal to use this on a door which has a very small amount of space between the door and doorway. Afterwards, simply loop the resistance band around it, and you have a resistance band exercise setup that is both optimal and safe.