Collection: Hip and Glute Machine

The Hip and Glute Machine hits two muscle groups at the same time with every workout you can perform with this machine, it is very efficient if you are planning to develop your running capabilities.

Developing the hips and glutes can be very beneficial to aspiring running athletes. It brings countless and unfathomable empowerment to your running capabilities. At first look, while watching runners go to a full stretch, it may seem like they get their boost from their calves and feet, but if you watch closely, the hips and glutes provides the true power and does most of the heavy lifting. The true purpose of the hip and glutes are to provide stability, but when it comes to running, the kinetic energy from these two muscle groups provide the most power and rendering the foot and calves only as support.

On a daily basis, hip and glute muscles provide stability to your posture,so these muscles must be developed hand in hand. Just be careful of over developing one over the other, it may provide instability, and joint problems later on. Also isolation exercises tends to concentrate on a specific muscle group, which could lead to all sorts of bad, so the best way to develop these muscle groups in a balanced way is to use the Hip and Glute Machine. Also beware of over developing these muscle groups, they have a tendency to limit range and movement if they bulk up. On the contrary, under-developed glutes and hip muscles may lead to injury when running, because despite the power it provides, hip and glute muscles also envelops other delicate parts of the lower extremities, having the largest span among all the other muscle groups.