Collection: Head Guard

The head guard is a common piece of gym gear for those who are looking to get into combat sports, especially in sparring matches. It is meant to take the brunt of the impact from kicks and punches, thus keeping your head safe from running the risk of any serious concussions.
Combat sports such as boxing, Muay Thai, and MMA have become one of the more popular exercise options available to people at the gym, as evidenced by the rise in the number of gyms that also sport multi-purpose rings. Unlike most would think, however, combat sports are not really about inflicting as much pain to your opponent; most of these sports are judged based on the number of hits landed over the match. Much space is needed for these sports, as they involve constantly moving around, finding the right position to strike your opponent from, all while keeping yourself away from the striking distance of your opponent. However, landing powerful blows is still an important aspect of these sports, as these are your best shot at disorienting your opponent and making it much easier to score a lot of points with various combinations. This is dangerous; getting hit in the head can be very dangerous, potentially even fatal, in some cases. This is why there are many reports going around every so often that someone dies in a combat sports match due to a serious concussion. Due to cases like these, many combat sports have needed to find ways to mitigate these risks and dangers involved with participating in the sport. To mitigate this, a number of combat sports have begun to implement the use of head guards. These are meant to take the brunt of the impact from kicks and punches, thus keeping the head protected, and the user comparatively safer from running the risk of a serious concussion.