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What Exercise Bike is Best For You?

There are just so many types of exercise bikes to choose from for a great home workout these days. So how do you know which kind of bike is best for you? Well, the first step is learning about each type of bike, and what differentiates them from one another. That way you understand what you’re looking at and more importantly, what you’re looking for. Below is a background on fitness bikes to help you on your search and make the best decisions for you and your fitness goals! 

Best Recumbent Exercise Bike | Gym and Fitness


Recumbent bikes are ideal for the new exerciser getting into a daily routine for a low impact workout. These bikes have reclined bucket seats with more padding and nice back support. Your legs are slightly downwards instead of hanging down and ideal for mature users, accident inclined users and new fitness users. These exercise bikes for sale are extremely comfortable and lower to the ground with built-in features such as mp3 docks with speakers, pre-programmed workouts and bright LCD consoles.

Best Upright Exercise Bike | Gym and Fitness


Upright exercise bikes have been around for many years and are very similar to outdoor everyday bikes. Your feet hang down and the seat is a regular bicycle seat. These bikes do not take up a lot of space and are ideal for training if you are a cyclist. These bikes come in a variety of different grades from starter to commercial models and give the user a great workout toning their body.

Best Spin Exercise Bike | Gym and Fitness


Spin bikes are seen in gyms everywhere for a great cardiovascular exercise workout. The muscle endurance and strength in your legs are targeted with the resistance from low to high speeds. These bikes are also designed for users to stand during particularly high intensity sessions, to maximize calorie burn. Spin bikes are a non-impact exercise bike with no force on the joints while engaging the muscles in the shoulders, hips and trunk which improves posture immensely.

Best Fan Bike | Gym and Fitness


Upper and lower body exercising to burn calories and toning all of the body are the features using a fan exercise bike. Movable manual levers and bars help in working your chest, abs, back muscles and upper body strength. These bikes are ideal for the workout person who enjoys endurance and toning.

Best Smart Bike Features | Gym and Fitness


It’s worth mentioning that on your search for the perfect exercise bike, there will be many extras and accessories that accompany all varieties of bike. For the most part, whether you want a particular feature comes down to personal preference. However, if motivation is an issue for you, there is an ever growing list of smart bikes that, through a range of compatible fitness apps, can connect you to virtual fitness classes, some even to a virtual trainer to keep you motivated throughout your workout.

At the end of the day, for a great, low-impact workout, exercise bikes are a fantastic solution. And now, equipped with this knowledge, hopefully your search will result in an exercise bike that best suits your precise needs and fitness goals!

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