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Rubber Mats for Playgrounds

Many playgrounds these days are trying to find better alternatives to their flooring, not only do they have to be durable, colourful but also have safety in mind. Although there have been many different floor coverings over the years, playgrounds have always found it difficult to find the right flooring. Rubber mats are the solution, they are easy to lay not expensive and very durable, and you will see more and more playgrounds having these fitted.

Rubber flooring is ideal for these type of environments, they are easy to clean and hygienic they only take hosing or in very extreme cases mopping. They are ideal for high traffic areas as they are very tough and have a non-slip feature. They make the surface of the playground durable and very safe for the children playing. There are varying thicknesses of the rubber mats which can be fitted to enable the playground to have very thick flooring. This is suited so well as children are prone to falling when playing and you do not want them to hurt themselves.

This type of flooring comes in a vast range of styles and colours, there is such a wide choice of vibrant and stunning colours that the playground will be bright and playful. It is even possible to have a logo or picture placed on the flooring, so if the playground is within a school or club then this can be a unique touch. It is laid on a base of adhesive so will not move even in the rain, and when it needs to be replaced the experts can remove it without any problems. When the rubber flooring is fitted it is very smooth and often looks like there is no flooring at all, it is only when you walk on it you can feel how comfortable it is. It is also shock and soundproof, so when the large amounts of noise are being made, the flooring will cushion some of it.

This flooring is great for the environment, as it is often made from recycled tires, meaning that it helps towards the ever-growing rubbish problem. Although you can have natural rubber flooring, the recycled version is as equally as good. This also means that when the flooring is old and worn it can also be recycled, so it will never have to be thrown away again. This will help towards the great environmental problems we are facing, if everyone could come up with a solution like this one, then it would all help.

Rubber mats are easy to fit and are ideal for smaller areas, often smaller rubber mats are placed below the equipment in the playground. They simply slot together depending on how big you want them to be, as they are so cheap you can easily replace them when they become worn. Although the cost of rubber flooring is now so low, playgrounds might as well have the whole surface laid with rubber flooring, rather than bits of it. Whether it is your local playground or your play area at home, rubber mats and flooring are an ideal solution to your flooring problems.

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