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7 Tips For Using A Rowing Machine

A rowing machine can be beneficial if you are wishing to get a good cardio workout. It will also assist in working with other areas of the body. With the necessary motions to operate the machine, you are able to use your arms, legs, and core muscles, all while strengthening the heart and lungs. Many people prefer not to use a rowing machine, simply because they don’t know how to use them or cannot seem to get a decent work out from them. Reasons, why a rowing machine offers a proper workout, include:

  • It offers a low to no impact exercise that is easy on your body.
  • It provides an effective workout for every area of the body
  • It is simple to use once you understand how
  • It is perfect for those who exercise at home, as it needs less room than other machines

Here are some tips that can get you off to a great start with a Concept 2 rowing machine. The difficulty level is suitable for the average exerciser, and a workout takes about 10-30 minutes to complete.

Make Adjustments to your Machine

Ensure that your heels are resting against the entire pedal when sitting on the machine. The straps should be tight enough to secure your foot in place. Adjust the machine until you are in the proper position.

Consider the Resistance Level

Most rowing machines provide air resistance, which involves a flywheel located on the front of the machine. This part takes in the air each time you pull back on the handles as if you were rowing. The faster you pull, the more resistance will be created. If your rowing machine offers a different kind of resistance, the level should be set at an appropriate measure for you.

Consider the Workout

Some rowers come with a screen display that will allow you to choose a workout. These can be based on different guidelines, such as time or distance. Many machines will also let you create your own workouts. If you are not familiar with the machine, it is helpful, to begin with, a pre-programmed workout.

Begin your Movements

The first motion you will make with the rowers is called the “catch.” This involves gripping the handles with your palms facing down. Be sure your back is aligned with the seat, and that your knees are bent. Your chest and thighs should be close together. Avoided slumping over or rounding your shoulders, as the workout will then be ineffective and could lead to injury.

Second Motion

Next, you will do what is called the “drive.” This is where you push into the pedal with your feet until your legs are fully extended. At the same time, you should be pulling the bar into your stomach. Your elbows should be pulled back until the bars are about an inch away from your belly button. This movement may require a bit of leaning back toward the end, but be careful not to arch or overextend.

Finishing the Movement

Finish the motion by returning to the position in which you began. Bend at the hips to reach this location, and avoid hunching your back...

A Rowing Workout

For beginners, it is best to start out with a 10-minute workout. Minutes should be gradual to increase endurance. The rowing machine can be done alone or as a complete exercise program. Be sure to keep your movements smooth rather than jerky. Rowing machines are not typically recommended for those with back issues. It is important that you speak to your doctor before using this machine if you have such problems.

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