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Home Exercise Equipment for Seniors

Exercise is essential at every age, but as we get older, performing physical activity becomes less of a priority. Maintaining physical strength and mobility are some of the significant concerns of older people.  

Choosing the right equipment for seniors is crucial in avoiding the risk of injury. However, different people have different needs, and the right equipment depends on personal preferences. We've rounded up some of the best home exercise equipment for seniors.

We always recommend consulting your doctor about any limitations you may have before you get started.


Elliptical machines are great machines for seniors because they provide a low-impact workout for the legs and muscles and puts minimal impact on the joints. It allows users to stand for long periods and perform a cardio exercise such as walking, jogging and running. An elliptical trainer is truly a senior-friendly machine with adjustable resistance. It targets the arms, shoulders, legs and core in one simple motion.

Elliptical Cross Trainers Exercise for Seniors

Product: Inspire Fitness cS2.5 Cardion Strider


Indoor cycling is an ideal workout for seniors at home. The recumbent exercise bike is a fantastic exercise option for older adults as it allows for low-impact aerobic activity. It's much gentler on your knees, hips and ankles than standard exercise bikes. These recumbent bikes are chair-design inspired which makes them comfortable and non-strenuous for the body while providing back support. This machine is an excellent option for seniors who suffer from back pains or joint conditions like osteoporosis. 

Product: Lifespan Fitness RC-300 Recumbent Bike


Rowing machines create resistance by pulling away from the body while also strengthening the core. This is an effective exercise for older fitness enthusiasts as it targets various muscle groups in one single exercise. The great thing about this machine is that they are completely customisable and puts minimal impact on the body. Seniors can safely stretch, work muscles, increase endurance and perform a cardio workout at home. Make sure to select the proper pressure, set-amount and repetition based on your personal capability. 

Rowing Machine Exercise Seniors

Product: Freeform R200 Rowing Machine


Using a treadmill is one of the easiest ways for seniors to perform an exercise at home. It allows the elderly to adjust the intensity level of this equipment and choose his prefered running/walking speed safely and with ease. Home treadmills allow users to hold onto handrails for support, they also have a padded movable track surface, which helps to keep the user standing upright. Treadmill workouts are beneficial in providing healthy heart rates, lowering blood sugar, strengthening muscles and bones and lowering blood pressure.

Treadmill Exercise for Seniors

Product: Freeform F20 Walker and Light Runner Treadmill


Resistance training equipment is an easy way to improve strength, muscle tone, muscle mass and endurance. It can help seniors in building strength and maintain normal mobility while potentially reducing the risk of injuries. There are countless options for resistance workouts. For the elderly, it's best to focus on building shoulder strength (a common injury area), back strength, core strength and leg muscles. This allows them to perform daily activities effectively. 

Resistance Training Exercise for Seniors

Source: Resistance band exercises you can do at home

With the right home exercise equipment, seniors can enjoy a hassle-free workout in the comfort of their own home. 

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