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Mouthwatering Mexican Paleo Recipes Under 400 Calories!

We’ve been scouring the web far and wide to seek out the most scrumptious, most mouthwatering and most heavenly Mexican Paleo recipes known to man. Luckily, our search was a success! We were able to locate three delightfully sumptuous recipes which we believe everyone (dieting or not), will surely savour and enjoy.

You better not have eaten your meal yet because these gastronomical masterpieces are so epic, they’ll make you starve and crave for them like crazy. So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, may I interest you with some nice and healthy Mexican Paleo food for today?

First on our list will be Danielle Krueger’s Healthy Chicken Fajitas and Peppers. This meal is not only deliciously healthy, but the best part about it is also that it’s very quick and easy to prepare. Less than 30 minutes is enough to prepare the whole dish and that is why this recipe rightfully belongs to the group. The scent and overwhelming flavours of this dish will surely satisfy your craving taste buds. To get the full instruction of the recipe, visit Danielle’s website.

On to our second mouthwatering recipe. This next dish comes from Judith Finlayson’s 163 Best Paleo Slow Cooker Recipes. I’m talking about none other than her yummy Protein-Rich Mexican Chicken. It takes about 3 hours to cook after preparation but the wait is so worth it. The lemon zest and the jalapeño peppers blend in so well together, the flavours overwhelm your palates with so much delight. You can view the instructions for this recipe on PopSugar.

Last but certainly not the least, what’s a Mexican menu without good old fashioned tacos right?

We found Courtney Odell’s Paleo Taco Skillets and Paleo Taco Bowls one of the best Mexican themed paleo recipes out there today. The best thing about this dish is that it is so simple and quick to prepare. Just allow 20 mins prep and cook time and you’re ready to sink your teeth into paleo awesomeness. The combination of the ingredients, the flavour and the appealing scent are so heavenly, you can eat them all day and still won’t get enough of them. Check out for Courtney’s divine paleo tacos recipe.

It’s best if you can switch things up in your diet because let’s admit it, it’s difficult to sustain your diet if you bore yourself eating the same meals over and over again. So explore different flavours and add them in. There’s nothing wrong in getting creative and having fun with what you eat. As long as you watch your proportions, calorie intake and have a treat once in a while, you’ll completely be happy with what you’re doing and at the same time shave unwanted weight off of your body. Hope you enjoyed the article and stay tuned for the next flavour we’ll be covering!

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