Multi Trainers

Upgrade your workout space and push your fitness levels to new heights with our performance-focused collection of multi-functional trainers. Whether you’re hoping to improve strength, speed, power or endurance, our range of precision-built multi-trainer machines allows you to complete over 400 unique exercises — so you can get the most out of your sweat sessions.

The Pro Series range starts with the incredible X15 Pro Multi Trainer and X20 Pro Multi Trainer. These foundation pieces will instantly transform the way you train and turn your space into a complete home gym.

The Pro Upgrade Kit gives the added benefit of in-built shelves to boost storage capacity and a TV mount so you can follow your favourite training videos while working up a sweat. Every multi-trainer machine attachment has been laser cut using premium commercial-grade materials to deliver unmatched performance — so you can enjoy carefully controlled movements that work your muscles to the max. Plus, these multi-trainer gym attachments work to isolate specific muscles, so you can maintain perfect form through every rep while reducing the risk of injury and muscle strain.

The benefits of investing in a Multi-Trainer for your Home Gym space

  • Endless variation — Multi-functional trainers enable you to perform various dynamic exercises, from full-body to split training. This means your clients can enjoy improved movement patterns and varied sessions that work specific areas of the body to improve strength and fitness. From bicep curls and overhead tricep extensions to glute kickbacks and cable squats, the possibilities are seemingly endless when you invest in a Gym and Fitness multi-functional trainer for sale.
  • Improved coordination and mobility — Multi-trainer machines allow you to control movement through an entire range of motion, safely placing weight and pressure at the right point of the muscle for optimal results.
  • A safer training option for beginners — Without the correct form, technique or a spotter to assist, free-weight equipment can cause injury. On the other hand, multi-function trainers are easy to use and great for less experienced gym goers who need to safely work on their technique in a controlled manner.
  • Targeted training — Multi-trainer gym equipment allows users to develop muscle definition by targeting specific muscle groups.

Level up your space with Multi-Trainers from Gym and Fitness today

With premium multi-function trainers from Force USA, you can rest assured we offer the sturdiest and safest equipment on the market. Whether you’re kitting out your commercial gym or fitness spa, you can visit our Adelaide and Gold Coast showrooms to try out our equipment in person.

If you have any questions, don't be shy - Our team of experts are available seven days a week through email, live chat or over the phone on 1800 614 491. We're ready to help you find the information you need to start living a fit and healthy lifestyle.



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