Collection: Leg Press Machine

The leg press is the best gym apparatus to use if you’re really looking to focus on working out your leg muscles. It is also one of the safest ways to do so in an efficient manner.

The leg press machine is a gym equipment that will allow you to make the most out of every leg day. While there are other exercises for the legs that do not require the use of this gym apparatus, nothing beats the promise of a machine that was built exactly to help one achieve this goal. Furthermore, some of these other exercises present heavy safety risks to those who perform them improperly. In comparison, the leg press is practically fool-proof, only asking of it users to not set the weights beyond what they are capable of carrying, keep their feet flat on the footplate, and not lock their elbows when pushing the plate with their legs.

There is an immense amount of benefits that come with the use of the leg press. For one, it allows one to develop their muscles in the leg area, as the leg press really allows you to hammer down directly on those major leg muscles in an efficient manner, without having to beat around the bush using one’s stabilizer muscles as you would with other leg exercises. If you’re looking to improve your squats, the leg press is a good way to speed up progress in that department, if you train with both simultaneously. Lastly, it takes a lot of the strain away from your back, so it really allows one to focus on the training goal, and takes the risk of spraining the back muscles or damaging the bones on the spinal cord away.