Collection: Lat and Row Machine

The Lat Pulldown and Mid Row Machines are a piece of gym equipment made to isolate one’s back and shoulders, allowing for an exercise experience that focuses on building muscles in those areas.

The Lat Pulldown and Mid Row Machine is a very important piece of gym equipment that is used for all sorts of workouts, including but not limited to pulldowns, dumbbell rows, bent over rows, chins, T bar rows, and seated cable rows. They, more often than not, are engineered with a high pulled situated directly over one’s head in order to achieve the optimal isolation of the back and shoulders in various exercises. The exceptionally long pulldown bar allows for a rather customizable workout experience, as it allows for wide, medium, or narrow positioning of the hands as they grip onto the bar.

The Lat Pulldown and Mid Row Machine also sometimes comes with a no cable change design that is made specifically so to allow for seamless transitions when you are going between long pull and seated row exercises, meaning that you will be able to switch between the two easily, without wasting too much time and effort like you would on some of the more traditional models. Adjustable hold-down pads also add to the stability during the exercise, allowing one to potentially lift weights that are far beyond one’s own body weight without putting one at risk of any serious forms of injury.

The best part about these machines is that they are, more often than not, very durable and meant to be serviceable for use for over a lifetime. There are, quite simply put, not many good reasons to not get one right now if you want to.