Collection: Hyperextensions

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Our offered hyperextension machine is the Impulse Back Extension, a state-of-the-art pin-selectorised machine designed to target and tone your Erector Spinae muscles. With its adjustable initial position and precise weight selection, this machine offers a highly effective and customisable workout for your back muscles.

What are hyperextension exercises?

Hyperextension exercises are the perfect addition to your routine, whether you're an athlete, fitness enthusiast or simply looking to alleviate lower back pain — and our hyperextension machine is the perfect way to perform movements safely and effectively.

Hyperextensions are part of a beginning set of back exercises focusing on lower back isolation used as part of a normal workout routine or by those who have suffered back injuries in the past. The machine allows the user to lay at a 45-degree angle. By leaning forward, you feel a good stretch in your hamstrings, and the return motion to the starting position is a great strength-building exercise without putting excess strain on the muscles of the lower back.

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