Hooks, Swivels & Hangers

Hooks, swivels, and hangers are important parts of every gym, keeping suspended equipment latched securely into place.

Hanging equipment is an invaluable and important part of every gym’s extensive arsenal of equipment. Be it in the form of sandbags, rings, and the like, the gym would just not be the same without these pieces of equipment. Some of them are used as easy targets for practice in combat-based sports, others are used in various forms of gymnastics training, suspension exercises, or even body weight exercises. However, these things pose some dangers if they are not latched onto a secure surface. For instance, a sandbag falling out of place can be likened to a barbell dropping, with its immense weight. For another example, someone could be using the rings to perform a suspension strength training exercise, and if one of the lines holding the rings were to fall, the exerciser would fall to the ground, possibly even injured in the landing. It cannot be stressed enough how important having sturdy and appropriate attachment implements are to keeping these types of gym equipment both functional and safe to use.

This is where hooks, swivels, and hangers come in. These three small implements are what make these hanging exercise equipment even remotely safe enough to be put to actual gym use. They may seem rather trivial, but their contribution to your gym experience is astronomically high. Without them, suspension based strength training exercises with the use of would be entirely non-existent. Furthermore, one would have to deal with using less efficient practice tools without them in combat sports training, where the sandbag has become an all-too-important icon of the sport itself.