Cubby House

If you’re looking to give your children a new play experience that makes them excited to go see the great outdoors, then the cubby home is exactly what you’re looking for! It’ll bring them right out of the living room, and give them a reason to stay.

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Cubby houses are quite an amusing prospect that you may occasionally see or hear about every so often, but be that as it may, you may not have considered getting one yourself for your own children. This scepticism isn’t unwarranted, as it is indeed a money-sink that your children will eventually outgrow and find no use for. However, it should still be noted that while it does cost a somewhat substantial amount, there are a plethora of upsides to getting your child one of these cubby houses.

For one, having a cubby house will give your child a reason to say goodbye to the comfort of the living room television and say hello to the great outdoors. The exposure to fresh air and morning daylight will be very much beneficial for their overall health and holistic development, compared to what it would have been if they had been spending all their time with eyes glued to a screen. Furthermore, it also allows them the facility to improve their decisional abilities by giving them the chance to move around and make their own choices around the cubby house.

Today’s children spend much less time and energy playing in the outdoors than any other generation prior, and the complaints of being too exhausted to do so when told to have been coming all too often. However, if you place something as amusing as the cubby house in your own backyard, you’d be giving them an attractive reason to actually go outside. As a matter of fact, you might even find it harder to call them back in.

Moreover, the cubby house can also give them the impression of having their own personal space, away from the presence of any grown-ups. Even with multiple children using the cubby house, you can set up different areas for them to play in. Such a schematic allows the children to build up their readiness and ability to be independent in future situations in a way that does not present any major safety risks to them.

It also allows them to feel a sense of responsibility for the space given to them; that the cubby house is somewhere where they are in charge, a place for which they are responsible for preserving. They can also learn how to interact with other people by inviting friends over to the cubby home, preparing them with social interaction skills that will be invaluable as they move toward adulthood.

Lastly, it also gives them an empty space that they can fill up on their own using their imagination. As it is with children, the world is their canvas, and giving them a safe and controlled space to paint their own worlds and adventures into existence is a win-win in that it allows the child to enjoy and gain the capacity to create his or her own ideas, whilst keeping them within a safe enough space that puts them out of risk of bodily harm should they get overexcited.


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