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Ensuring your core is strong and flexible will help you in the gym, playing sports or just going about your daily business. A strong core will also help you maintain good posture and avoid issues like lower back pain.

The Core Muscle Group is needed for proper posture and ensures the safety of the lower back. It helps you in most workouts in the gym, gives you an edge in almost any sport, and basically everything you do on a daily basis.

Core Exercises are essential to every work out program, hence we give you the basic core workouts to get you started.

Beginner Core Exercises

Buffing up your core muscles is all about stability, these three variants of exercises will help you build your foundation in carving your core, hip balance and posture stability.


The staple core exercise. The plank involves minimal movement and maximum effort, suspend your body using your forearms and toes, keeping a straight position starting from your shoulders down to your ankles. Add difficulty by extending your arms and letting the hands do the support or chill and reduce the difficulty by letting the knee support your lower body.

Dead Bug

Lay back and start to raise your arms upward towards the ceiling, and your legs parallel to your arms but with your knees bent forming a right angle. Then proceed with lowering right arm and left leg until they hang a little above the floor, then restart from the top, proceeding with the other set of limbs.


Start with a sitting position with bended knees. Keep a straight posture while slowly laying back while extending your arms in front then start raising your feet from the ground keeping your legs together. You can add difficulty by extending your legs straight and form a V-shape, also, you can raise your arms and spread your legs wider to make it harder to maintain the form for better results.

Here is a sample workout plan for beginners:

  1. Ball push-away Reps 8 Rest 0sec
  2. Hanging knee raise Reps 8 Rest 0sec
  3. Dumbbell plank drag Reps 8 Rest 1min

    You can do this on a daily basis because the core muscle groups are the strongest among all muscle groups, they can withstand workouts better than other muscle groups.

    Advanced athletes tend to be more adventurous, you can do these exercises in an elevated manner, in different angles, and mixing other workouts in between to increase the difficulty and maximize muscle growth.

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