Commercial Assisted Chin/Dip Combo Machine

Commercial Assisted Chin/Dip Combo Machines are one of our best sellers for customers who like getting the most bang for their bucks, this will surely pass any commercial gym requirement. They are made from high-grade materials that assure durability and longevity. We’ve collected the most trustworthy brands for you, any of them would surely be worth the buy.

Assisted Chin/Dips is a workout for the tricep muscles, chest part and shoulders muscles involving mostly the user’s body weight. Dips are done by slowly dipping your bodyweight amidst the two parallel bars serving as handles or support while you arch your elbows. It can be quite a hassle for beginners who are lacking in the upper body capability or having heavy lower body mass in actuality. Commercial Assisted Chin/Dip Combo  Machines changes the workouts to a whole other difficulty by providing weights that are attached to cables and pulleys which assists the users upwards dampening the difficulty for beginners/intermediate users.

There are several classifications of Assisted Dip Machines, they differ in the position the user performs the exercise, whether you stand up or kneel down on the machine on the levered platform. Combo Machines accommodate both dips and pullups for enabling variety to the performable workouts in a single equipment. If you put your body weight into it, you’ll be able to do dips and pullups without counterweights in no time.

There are a lot of misconceptions in doing workouts with the assisted chin/dip combo machines, here are a few for you to understand what wrong postures and motions to avoid. Arching your back part, scrunching your shoulders, doing dips too low, locking your elbows, and leaning forward when performing dips. These common blunders might make you feel that you are reaping more with your training sessions, but in actuality, they only end up hurting your body and stops progress more.