Bag Mitts

Bag Mitts are boxing gloves that are used in training for a more comfortable feel than the competition gloves. We at Gym and Fitness collated most of the well-known brands which produce bag mitts so that we can be sure that our athletes are only provided with products that are worthy.

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    What is the difference between Bag Mitts and Boxing Gloves?

    They usually look the same, they both have complete padding around the knuckles. The difference is seen under the palm of the hands and thumb area, boxing gloves tend to have complete padding over and under the palm, while bag mitts have close to none padding under the palm.

    What are the uses of Bag Mitts over Boxing Gloves?

    Bag Mitts have more breathability than that of the regular boxing glove, bag mitts are used for casual trainings, hitting non-moving targets, striking boxing bags, punching boxing shields and the likes, while boxing gloves are designed to be used for sparring and boxing matches, although not limited to that only.

    Bag Mitts, due to lack of foaming, might seem uncomfortable at times, but trust me, you are better of training with them than that of the normal boxing gloves. It requires less effort than the gloves because it is less restrictive of inside movement of the hands. They also prevent your hands from drowning in sweat because of its breathability. They also have the same wrist velcro as the gloves to prevent wrist injury during training.

    The mitts aren’t sold in different weights in the same manner regular boxing gloves are sold, instead, they are sold as a sole variant. These gloves are often only used when practising the proper forms and stances, mostly while shadow boxing. Also used while practising footwork, even though you don’t hit anything, athletes need the feel to have gloves on so that they don’t get a different feel during the real deal.

    Here are sample exercises that you can perform with the mitts:

    Speed Bag

    Hit the speed bag relentlessly for 3 minutes, imitating boxing match round durations, do at least 5 rounds or so.

    Boxing Shield

    Partner up and strike the boxing shield in different lower angles, practising your body blows. Have your partner designate your punches on where you should hit them, it’s better to mix-in different angles so that your muscle could save more memories of different punches.

    Punching Bag

    You could also make the punching bag swing in a bobbing manner to perform rhythm training. Either time your hits with every swing of the bag to improve your accuracy, or simply evade the bag to enhance agility.

    Benefits of Boxing:

    • The average boxing training session develops almost all muscle groups, providing a harmonious combination of aerobic and anaerobic workouts. Truly, a boxer’s workout, though very challenging and tiring, will guarantee you to be jacked and ripped in no time.
    • To hone your beginner’s boxing essentials while developing the endurance to finish three, 3-minute rounds of sparring (real match in a controlled gym-setting to prepare for the real deal), a boxer needs to be well conditioned and powerful enough to throw fazing punches from Round one al the way through Round three.
    • A boxers’ workout develops almost every aspect of physical fitness: strength, power, body coordination, aerobic & anaerobic fitness and lastly, endurance.


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