Collection: Assisted Chin / Dip Combo Machine

Assisted Chin/Dip Combo Machines are one of our best sellers for customers who like getting the most of their money, this is surely a bang-for-the-buck because it has multitudes of workouts available to do in. We’ve collected the most trustworthy brands for you, any of them would surely be worth the buy.

Assisted Dip is an exercise for the triceps, chest and shoulders muscles involving mostly the athletes own body weight. Dips are performed by literally dipping your body in the middle of two parallel bars serving as handles or support while you bend your elbows. It can be quite difficult for the regular person who is lacking in upper body strength or having heavy lower body weight in general. Assisted Dip Combo Machines changes the game to a whole other level by providing counterweights that are attached to cables and pulleys which assist the user upwards lowering the difficulty for beginners/intermediate athletes.

There are several types of Assisted Dip Machines, they vary in the position the user performs the workout, whether you stand or kneel on the machine on the levered platform. Combo Machines feature both dips and pull-ups for giving variety to the performable exercises in a single machine. If you put your body into it, you’ll be able to perform dips and pull-ups without counterweight in no time.

Common Mistakes

Stray away from these wrong postures to get the most out of this exercise and to prevent strains or injuries.

Arching Back

Keep your back in a neutral position while performing dips. Make sure you maintain a straight posture from the head down as you go down and up the machine.

Scrunching Shoulders

While lowering your body, do not let your shoulders scrunch near your ears, when this happens, try to firm up your shoulders and spine, this will prevent your shoulders from rolling back, do all this in order to enjoy the full benefits of the workout.

Dipping Too Low

Always watch the pressure on your shoulders whilst going down on the machine, stop instantly if you begin feeling weakness on the shoulders to prevent further risk of injuries.

Locking Elbows

Don’t let your elbows bend over 90 degrees in order to maintain stress on the triceps in order to efficiently increase your workout benefits.

Leaning Forward

When leaning forward, you will be targeting your chest rather than your triceps. Maintain a straight posture preventing your body from leaning forward if you want to work your triceps.

Safety and Precautions

Avoid this machine if you have shoulder injuries or weak shoulders in general. All workouts performed in this machine involves putting stress on the elbows and shoulders, if you have lasting pain in your joints, you should perform push-ups instead of using Assisted dip machines. Never try to use less counterweight if you feel any pain.

Two ways which make assisted dips easier are, first, add more counterweight. The heavier the counterweight, the less the strain is on your elbows and shoulders. Each kg added for the counterweight is one less kg you lift.

You can also make the exercise easier by dampening the range of motion and not lifting and letting yourself down wholly. But, nevertheless, It is better to do full range motions using the right level of counterweight rather than softening your motions.