Abdo/Groin Guard

Abdo/Groin Guard is used to protect athletes and fighters’ groin region in combat sports like MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai and more. Even though it is not legal to hit someone on that part of the body, the accident still happens and this piece of clothing helps in protecting that area.

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A groin injury is a very different injury, in the sense that the nether region is not protected by bones and are very fragile. Even a small injury can result in fatal damage and can lose both easily. Groin guards should always be worn in a way that it is specifically designed to hold your groin area. It consists of a velcro strap or metal snap buckles to keep the cup firmly placed in the pouch that will protect you from the infamous low blows.

Abdo/Groin Guard is not only designed to protect the groin area but also protects the abdominal area as they are designed with a higher area of padding that starts from the abdomen up to the groin protect all middle section of the body. We offer products that understand the need of athletes and fighters to protect their abdomen and groin and also ensure the comfort to allow its user to move without any discomfort in the event of sports and combat.

We offer a wide variety of abdominal and groin guard that, we ensure you that each and every variant of our collection is made with premium-grade raw materials to ensure your safety as well as provide aesthetics to give a more professional feel. All of these items are very durable and are sure to last for a long time, there are lots of options you can choose from and our support specialists will help you pick the right one for your fitness needs.