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The Power Racks – All In One Home Gym

The Power Rack is a machine with many exercises available to build muscle and tone your body. The frame for the machine is easy to put together and can support body weight up to 250 to 300 pounds. Multiple grip handles are available for multiple types of exercises. If you are looking to replace one or more pieces of exercise equipment, this is a great option to consider.

Ab Workout

Three levels of the machine are used to work ab muscles. All exercises take 10 minutes to complete and give you plenty of time to perform this workout during the day.

Pull Ups

Regular pull-ups are not done on this machine. Instead, you lay on your back and pull your body weight up and then back down. Use the lower set of hand grips to perform this exercise. There is no need for a separate piece of gym equipment.


Exercises that target your chest, shoulders and arm muscles are called dips. Use the same handles to do dips that are used for pull-ups. This exercise replaces similar types of fitness equipment.


The machine has handles specifically for push-ups. They are positioned to allow a greater range for your arm motion to keep strain off of your wrist. Many types of push-up exercises are available using any one of the available grip positions on the machine.


Unlike a barbell at a typical gym, this machine can be used independently for squat cages. The use of 5-pound weight places that are options can increase workouts such as power racks.

Additional Information

A fitness guide and separate workout DVD discs are available for you to learn how to use this machine for your benefit. You will learn how to duplicate many types of gym exercises into your own standard workout.

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