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Smart Fitness Technology For A Fit Future

Living a healthy and active lifestyle begins with a regular workout routine, but it's not always so simple to establish. Life can get in the way, motivation dips, excuses reach an all-time high, and before you know it, those fitness goals are a distant memory. So to ensure you stay motivated and get the best results, why not invest in smart home workout equipment to help you on your fitness journey. A virtual trainer to keep you motivated, if you will.

Here at Gym and Fitness, we offer a wide range of smart gym equipment to help you live a fit and healthy life. With innovative technology in our smart fitness range, you can fast track your fitness journey and health progress by trying some of the market's best smart exercise equipment. 

Proform Smart Rower - Fit Future | Gym and Fitness

What is smart gym equipment? 

Smart gym equipment is exercise equipment connected to an app that records your workouts, displays real-time data from your heart rate to calories burnt, and connects you to immersive virtual classes and trainers. These devices have surged in popularity recently, and no wonder when essentially you're buying a slice of motivation with your exercise equipment.

Introducing some of our best smart home workout equipment

Our most popular smart exercise equipment includes our iFit compatible Proform and Nordictrack ranges. An iFit membership gives you full access to an ever-growing library of limit-pushing studio workout classes run by certified personal trainers on the equipment of your choice. In addition, you can take your training worldwide with trainer-led workouts that explore stunning beaches, gorgeous nature trails and serene mountain landscapes from around the globe. Those excuses start running pretty thin when your equipment is just down the hall, with stunning virtual locations to explore and trainers to push you. If anything, you'll start looking forward to your next workout!

Nordictrack Exercise Bike with iFit - Fit Future | Gym and Fitness

The AI-powered bike perfect for the time-poor

Our smartest piece of exercise equipment is our AI-powered bike — CAROL. As the world's first AI-powered exercise bike with personalised workouts, CAROL is perfect for anyone in a rush and who doesn't have the time for a full hour workout. Our bike delivers the same cardio benefit of a 45-minute run in an 8-minute ride so that you can enjoy the maximum health and fitness benefits with minimum time spent exercising. 

CAROL AI Powered Bike - Fit Future | Gym and Fitness

Shop smart for equipment that's the right fit for you

While not smart in the same way our previously discussed exercise equipment is, our AR range allows you to shop smart. If you're unsure about your capacity to fit some of our larger strength machines, explore with AR by using our new feature to size up your home gym. Using your phone, select one of the AR products from our multi-functional or all-in-one trainers, and then click the icon to view the product in your space. In a matter of seconds, you can work out the best spot for your equipment and purchase with peace of mind.

AR Technology for Home Gym - Fit Future | Gym and Fitness

Shop online today, and please feel free to reach out to our team if you have any questions about the best smart home workout equipment we can offer you.

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